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About Craftmaster Boutique

Welcome to Craftmaster Boutique, a place where my lifelong passion for crafting, my expertise as a florist, and my love for sewing converge to create something truly special. From the earliest memories, I’ve been drawn to creativity, an inheritance from my mother who crafted a memorable teddy bear out of my own clothes.

As time flowed and life evolved, I transitioned from being a florist working with real flowers to becoming a paper florist. This transformation led me to establish my flourishing venture, Artiflower Deco. The success of this effort has been overwhelming, as evidenced by the heartwarming reviews from customers who adore the everlasting beauty of paper flowers.

Still, that rug teddy from my childhood remains etched in my heart and mind, and now its significance has deepened with the arrival of my granddaughter. Crafting a keepsake teddy bear from her first bundle of clothes feels profoundly meaningful – a treasure that will journey alongside her growth.

Unforeseen was the demand from friends, and friends of friends, who wanted me to create these special teddies for them. The demand keeps growing, and in such times, I’m immensely grateful for my dependable team. My daughter adeptly manages the financial and ordering aspects of the business, while my partner takes charge of logistical tasks and technical intricacies. Their contributions are nothing short of brilliant.

This synergy gave birth to Craftmaster Boutique.

The work I engage in fills me with joy, and I’m deeply honoured when people entrust me with their cherished clothing to transform into bespoke keepsakes. Each of my crafted bears, animals, blankets, and cushions safeguard your precious memories, destined to be cherished and embraced for generations. It is my sincere hope that these creations resonate with you as much as the passion I put into making them.

Should you have any inquiries or a desire to learn more about our process, I encourage you to reach out. Feel free to CONTACT US.  I’m more than happy to engage in conversation.

Thank you for being a part of Craftmaster Boutique’s journey. Your stories and memories fuel our creative spirit, and we look forward to crafting something unforgettable for you.

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